Hiring Information

In a normal, non-pandemic year as part of our fund-raising to support educational outreach, touring, and recording activities, the Chamber Chorale and its members are available for hire to sing at functions both on- and off-campus. Christmas caroling at holiday parties is the most popular event, though music for anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, and weddings can also be provided. The Chorale specializes in classical literature, but it is possible to accommodate other special requests.

However, while Stanford undergraduate students are not in residence on campus and all teaching is taking place on-line due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all runout appearances are on hold. When runout activities restart, please contact Stephen Sano for more information on booking the chorale for your event.

Our Current Pricing

Quartet for 20 minutes . . . $250
Quartet for 40 minutes . . . $325
Octet for 20 minutes . . . . . $350
Octet for 40 minutes . . . . . $425

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