Auditions for the Chamber Chorale

The Chamber Chorale holds auditions once a year in the fall and membership is open to all Stanford students: undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral fellows. In order to maintain the optimal combination of voices, the entire ensemble is re-auditioned every year. Preliminary auditions consist of vocalizing (with piano support) to determine range and evaluate vowel formation, pitch and rhythm memory exercises, sight singing, and a solo song. Callback auditions consist of hearing all finalists in different voice combinations to determine the best ensemble. Members from the previous year who would like to be considered once again for the ensemble must re-audition.

Due to the indeterminate progression of the COVID-19 virus and even with the ongoing work toward the development of vaccines and treatment therapies, the audition process for the 2020-2021 academic year hasn’t yet been formulated.  In early June, the university announced preliminary plans for the 2020-2021 academic year.  From the Stanford President and Provost’s official announcement:


In order to provide for the physical distancing needed in our classrooms and residences, and to be able to set aside sufficient housing for quarantine or self-isolation in case of a wave of infections, our default plan is to have half of our undergraduates (that is, the equivalent of two class years) back on campus for the fall quarter and each subsequent quarter, changing each quarter. It may need to be a smaller number in a given quarter if health conditions require it, which we hope will not be the case; in fact, we hope that health conditions will allow us instead to be able to expand access later in the year.

We also intend to have a four-quarter year, including the summer of 2021. Since most students take courses over three quarters, under our default scenario the four-quarter year would allow all Stanford undergraduates to complete two quarters of instruction in residence on the Stanford campus in 2020-21, and require most to complete at least one quarter remotely.

Assuming that public health conditions allow, we intend to have undergraduate first-year and transfer students among those on campus for the fall quarter, to allow them to get to know our campus, form community and begin their Stanford careers in the most positive way. We also intend to have graduating seniors on campus in the spring. Beyond that, we have not made decisions about which undergraduates would come to campus in which quarters. Our staff are having conversations with faculty and students about different options for bringing students back, whether by class year or by another rubric that aligns with the academic programs we offer.


In addition, Frosh, Sophomore, and Transfer cohorts will be invited to be in residence on campus in fall and summer quarters, while Juniors and Seniors will be invited to be in residence on campus in winter and spring quarters.  We are considering how auditions will fit into this schema and the fact that most classes will still be taught on-line.  Stay tuned to this space for updates as they become available.

The Stanford Chamber Chorale’s normal in-person rehearsal schedule is  twice a week: Mondays from 12:15-1:15 P.M. and Thursdays from 7:00-9:30 P.M.

For more information, please contact Stephen M. Sano, Director of Choral Studies. During the university’s COVID-19 closure, the best way to contact Professor Sano is by email:

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