Auditions for the Chamber Chorale

The Chamber Chorale holds auditions once a year in the fall and membership is open to all Stanford students: undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral fellows. In order to maintain the optimal combination of voices, the entire ensemble is re-auditioned each fall. Preliminary auditions consist of vocalizing (with piano support) to determine range and evaluate vowel formation, pitch and rhythm memory exercises, sight singing, and a solo song. Callback auditions consist of hearing all finalists in different voice combinations to determine the best ensemble. Members from the previous year who would like to be considered once again for the ensemble must re-audition.

Although Stanford will be assessing the progression of the COVID-19 pandemic through the summer, we expect to return to a regular audition schedule and process this coming fall. The link to audition signups will be posted here on Monday, 30 August 2021, and auditions will take place 17-22 September 2021. Check back here for updates as the summer progresses!

For more information, please contact Stephen M. Sano, Director of Choral Studies. The best way to contact Professor Sano is by email:

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